Permanent Breakfast Holyoke / USA

How could anyone not love Bring Your Own Restaurant. A public demonstration of social honesty and inclusivity… and just plain fun!

{IOWs = building social capital though participatory creativity and citizen-led public urban design}

“In early May of 2009, four friends planning a Friday night on the town faced a common dilemma. The art openings at Holyoke’s Paper City Studios, located at 80 Race Street, were a sure bet. But in a city where downtown dining options dwindle after 5 p.m., where would they eat beforehand?

Instead of choosing a restaurant, Holyoke residents James F. V. Bickford, Rachel L. Lawrence, Daphne Board and Stan Glodes cre- ated one.

They set up a table and chairs on the sidewalk overlooking the second-level canal on Dwight Street. They each brought a dish to share. A tablecloth added a touch of formality. Glodes wore a bright pink tuxedo coat.

“During dinner, we brainstormed locations and how we could invite other people to take part,” said Board, a custom shoemaker who, with Glodes, is renovating two houses in Holyoke.

With that, Bring Your Own Restaurant—a bi-weekly event billed as “a plein air potluck on the streets of Holyoke”—was born.”

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